Fairy Bread Day

Fairy Bread Day – Friday 24th November

Join us in commemorating the sweet nostalgia of Fairy Bread Day. This celebration isn’t just about the scrumptious slice of childhood—it’s a tribute to Australian culture, cherished by individuals of all ages, professions, and backgrounds both in Australia and across the globe.

Partnering with leading sprinkle connoisseur Dollar Sweets, who have pledged to donate 10c from every pack of Dollar Sweets 100s and 1000s sold during November 2023. Whether you’re hosting your own Fairy Bread Day Party or enjoying a slice solo, your support is so greatly appreciated!

In 2023, Fairy Bread Day is supporting The Pyjama Foundation, an organization dedicated to fostering a brighter future for children in foster care.

The Pyjama Foundation understands the transformative power of education, life skills, and confidence for underprivileged children. Through their Love of Learning Program, volunteer Pyjama Angels are paired with children in care, offering personalized in-home support and mentorship. These positive relationships and expressions of love affirm each child’s value and contribute to shaping a more hopeful future. With over 1,200 children currently benefiting from this program, The Pyjama Foundation is effecting direct, positive change in the lives of these deserving kids.

This Fairy Bread Day, become part of something truly impactful… Your participation can provide a child in care with their own life-changing Pyjama Angel mentor. Let’s sprinkle a touch of sweetness and kindness, demonstrating our unwavering support for these resilient children. Together, let’s spread hope and show these kids that they’re not alone. Donate here.