I have entered the activation code on my scratch card to receive my digital voucher, but I still haven’t received my text message. When will I receive it?

Once the code on your scratchie has been activated, your confirmation text message can take up to 2 business days to come through. When you receive your text message, you can add the $20 digital Mastercard to your wallet and use it at any of our specialty stores. If after 2 business days from activating, you still have not received your text message, please contact Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre at waurnponds.marketing@colliers.com for assistance.


My card keeps declining. Why is this happening?

Once the $20 Mastercard is loaded to your wallet, you can make purchases at our specialty retailers. If you are trying to make a purchase over the $20 amount, you will need to do this through a split payment. The Mastercard will not automatically deduct the $20 from your full purchase amount.


I am trying to tap my card but it’s not working. Why is this happening?

In order for the gift card to work, your phone must have NFC capabilities (the capacity to make contactless payments) and NFC must be enabled. Many phones, such as OPPO phones do not have this capability, please see FAQ below for further details.

The contactless payment must be made through your card’s wallet, it cannot be made through the TCN app. The TCN app does not have contactless payment capabilities.

If you have an iPhone, you will need to use the card in your Apple Wallet.
If you have a Samsung, you will need to use the card in Samsung Pay.
If you have an Android, you will need to use the card in Google Pay.

Please ensure that you have correctly set up and logged in to your phone’s wallet. We are unable to troubleshoot issues relating to your mobile device, for assistance with this please contact your phone provider. Please note, in order for the transaction to go through successfully your phone must be connected to the internet. Customers are able to use Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre’s FREE WIFI if they do not have mobile data.


I have an OPPO phone, can I redeem my voucher?

Only a selected number of OPPO phones have Contactless Payment facilities, you can see the list of phones applicable here. If you have one of the OPPO phones listed you will need to download Google Pay and from there, you can pay with the Mastercard. You can view the instructions on how to do this here.


How do I download the card to my phone?

You can view the instructions on how to download the Mastercard to your phone here.


Can I gift my voucher to someone else?

Once you have received your confirmation text message from The Card Network, you can onforward this text message to a friend and they can load the Mastercard to their smartphone through the link provided. If, however, you have already loaded the Mastercard to your own device, you cannot on forward the card as a gift, as the link will only allow a card to be redeemed once.


How can I see the balance left on my card?

You can view the current balance on your card by loading the ‘TheCardNetwork’ app on your phone. Here you will see the purchases you have made and the current balance of your card.